New Features of Interest in Photoshop Version CS3
by Jeffrey Sward
  • Quick selection tool.
  • Refine edges dialogue has many new options for expanding, contacting, and refining edges of selected area
    • Operates on the selection, not the base image. Select edge and blur still necessary to blur edges of adjacent areas.
  • Quick selection tool suppliements majic wand.
    • Partially imitates plug-in Mask Pro, which may no longer be needed
  • Much improved raw file processing.
    • New Vibrance slider works with saturation slider. Vibrance slider much less likely to cause clipping compared to saturation slider
    • New recovery slider adds back highlight tones
    • New fill light slider adds detail to shadows
    • It should be possible to get much closer to the final image by using only the raw controls.
  • Auto align and auto blend will automatically stitch multiple images into panoramas. There are many panorama perspective options. This may eliminate the need for stand-alone panorama stitchers. Per this authors package evaluations, the class acts in panorama stitchers are panorama factory and panavue image assembler
  • Brightness-contrast tool less likely to cause clipping. Note: curves still a better choice
  • Black and white conversion now allows for easier color range selection. Similar to conversion options in ColorEfex plug-in. .

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